Helping you to help your horse.

Resolving partnership problems through practical groundwork.

A problem with your horse is never one sided. My job is to help you to take a fresh look at things and try and see the problem from a new perspective, that of the horses. Understanding why your horse may have a problem is half way there to solving it.

Through the use of practical groundwork, the lines of communication can be opened. It is easy to see the problem as belonging to just the horse, where in reality the problem probably lies in the horse/human interaction, which has either broken down or is being misunderstood, the relationship is failing.

Practical groundwork can help create a better more understanding partnership with your horse. Creating trust and understanding in a relationship are the fundamentals for resolving any problems there may be within it.

Giving your horse a voice, to let him have his say will help increase his confidence in you, letting him know you have seen his concerns will help him relax and connect with you.


Working together, we look at any confidence issues, you and your horse may have.

Problems can start when one or both of you loose faith in each other. My job is to help restore and build that lost confidence.

We take everything at a pace you and your horse are comfortable with, there is no hurry, you wont be pushed out of your comfort zone until you are ready to progress.

We all know when it comes to horses there are no quick fixes, and I certainly can't provide you with one !

I can however give you the tools to work with, to help you develop your relationship and to ease the stress that a problem can cause. I will treat you and your horse with an equal amount of respect and concern. No problem is to small, if anxiety and stress, are left to fester, the problem can quickly become a PROBLEM !

Helping children.

Being a Mother and now a Grandmother, I have seen over the years how having fun with groundwork can really help children improve their handling skills and so boost their confidence immensely.

Using groundwork obstacles, provides a focus for the child and gives meaning to things like, why the safe leading position is important to both them and their pony.

My confidence building sessions for children are both fun and educational.

I find it extremely rewarding, helping children and their ponies to grow and develop together. Children have wonderful imaginations, there is no limit to the fun they can create, which in it's self is great way motivate learning.

My sessions with you will be tailored to meet the needs of you and your horse.

The first session will be an introductory one and last approx 2hrs. During that time we will go over things together, discussing how I might help you. From a holistic view we will take a look at your horse to see if there are any physical issues. From there I will watch you interacting with your horse and help you formulate and put together a workable plan.

First Session                                 £30.00
Follow Up Session                       £25.00
Video Session                               £15.00
Group Session 2+ people           £20.00
School holidays Childs fun session
5+ Children   2 1/2hrs + rosette        £20 per Child             

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Awarding The Partnership - Not The Performance

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