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A very warm welcome to Horse Agility UK.

We are excited to tell you that the popularity of Horse Agility is fast gaining momentum, 

people from all equestrian disciplines, the world over, are taking up the sport and competing. Much of this expansion is down to the hard work, dedication and vision of Vanessa Bee, who founded and runs The International Horse Agility Club .

Horse Agility is not just a sport, it goes much deeper than that, it is also a wonderful communication tool. The obstacles are used to open up a two-way conversation, they pose the questions, that through the use of exploration and play, you work together with your horse to find the answers.

We here at Horse Agility UK, hope by visiting our site, we can inspire you with the information and ideas, to start your own exciting journey into the world of Horse Agility.


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One 2 One Coaching

With the ongoing Corona Virus situation, we are very aware that many people have had to cancel their clinics and events.

Staying within government guidelines, we can still offer One 2 One Horse Agility coaching.

Please contact the office with any queries you may have regarding this.

Office no. 07538222969

Look who's here, it's our little brother
Shetland Pony Agility.

To find out more about agility for all small ponies, please visit the website,

Replace the word "training" with the word "communicating"
In the blink of an eye instead of being a horse trainer,
You become a Horse Communicator !
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