Classes & Categories

Entry - the same equine/handler combination can only enter 1 class from the same category, per month, with the exception of the fun class.
The handler and/or equine can enter multiple categories per month.
Entry is £10.00 for your 1st class - subsequent classes are £5.00 each (x2 classes = £15)
1. Choose the category most suited to your equine. Check eligibility below
2. Choose the class or the level you are currently working at in that category.
3. View Course.
4. View Monthly Horsemanship Skills.
The fun classes are free to enter - Open, Shetland Pony Agility and Junior.
The course and requirements are a simplified version of our main course.
View the fun course.

Please note - for the first month of the year, the course and requirements are the same for all the categories and classes unless otherwise stated. January 2021 everybody starts from the same place.

Category B
Class 5. Newcomers
Class 6. Novice
Class 7. Intermediate
Class 8. Advanced
Horse Agility Challenge qualifiers - Find out more
Class 1. Newcomers
Class 2. Novice
Class 3. Intermediate
Class 4. Advanced
Category A
This class is FREE to enter.
Category D

Class  10a. Adult

10b. 12yrs - 16yrs

10c. 11yrs Under

Class 9. Fun Class

Category C
Category E
Class 11. Newcomers
Class 12. Novice
Class 13. Intermediate
Class 14. Advanced
Class 15. SPA Fun Class
Class 16. Over 4yrs
Class 17. Veteran over 16yrs
Category F
Category H
Class 21. Newcomers
Class 22. Novice
Class 23. Intermediate
Class 24. Advanced
Category G
Class 18. Youngstock over 2yrs
Class 19. Non ridden over 5yrs
Class 20. Veteran over 18yrs
Why not
get together with 3 other people and form a team and enter the TEAM LEAGUE,
you don't have to even know each other !
Category eligibility.
Category A  -  Horse Agility uk . Open to all. No restrictions
Category B  -  Horse Agility UK Challenge. Open to all. These classes are qualifiers for the HACuk 
league and Super Show   
Category C  -   Fun Class. Open to all. No restrictions  Find out more
Category  D   -  Assisted Agility. (a) (b) and (c) - Find out more
Category  E   -  Shetland Pony Agility. Open to all ponies 43" and under.
Category  F   -  Ex Racehorse. Open to all Thoroughbreds with a Weatherbys passport and have been in training.
Category  G   -  Non Ridden Equine. For non ridden young stock and retired equines. 
Category  H  -  Junior. Open to all juniors 16yrs and under. Must have parental consent.
TEAMS   -   Find out more
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Awarding The Partnership - Not The Performance

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