Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be a member to compete?

No - we are open to all, you just need to register with us first.

What age does my equine need to be to compete ?

All equines need to be 2 years and over to enter the league competitions. You may enter an equine 1 years and over in the fun classes.

Why do you have only 9 obstacles ?

Having just the 9 obstacles means it is easier for you to put together a course. You can add too and improve them as you progress. It makes it easier for everybody to use standardised obstacles, which in turn makes the judging fair.

Why do the obstacles not change each month ?

It is our aim at Horse Agility Uk to improve and raise the standard of competitive Horse Agility. You will meet the same 9 obstacles at all our competitions/clinics and playdays. This means when you compete with us you know you can expect a high standard of competion, protecting the welfare of both you and your equine.

Can I have someone to promt me to remember the course ?

Yes much like dressage you can have a caller to promt you in the fun,necomers and novice classes.


Awarding The Partnership - Not The Performance

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