How to enter.

The entry level is the introductory Newcomers class.
You may only need to enter this class just the once!
Progression to Novice level is through the achievement of 100 marks.

The classes are open to all.

Choose the category that best fits your equine.

You can enter numerous categories each month.

Only one class per category for each equine/handler combination, may be entered each month.

The fun classes are open to all - they are not however eligible for our points league. (Novice Course)

They are designed as a "Give it a GO"  class.

Entry fee.

One class per month per person = £10.00

Subsequence classes = £5.00 each new class per month. This must be for the same handler, but can be for any different combination of class/category or equine.

Your entry fee is payable through Paypal - your entry will not be accepted without payment.

You need to have an account with YouTube.

Upload your video to your account and fill in the link on the video submit form.

It is best to choose "unlisted" it can then only be seen by us.

The title must include YOUR NAME and your HORSE'S NAME.

In description add CLASS and CATEGORY.

For more information about YouTube and how to upload and submit your video go to our

YouTube Help Guide

Awarding The Partnership - Not The Performance

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