Our clinics

Our clinics/playdays are open to all and are suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Communication and understanding  are the key words, to describe the essence of the the experience you can expect to gain from attending one of our clinic days.  

It is our aim to provide you with an opportunity to really get to know your horse. We will help you develop a sensitivity to your horses needs through observation of his body language and importantly his stress indicators.

Learn how self awareness can create effective communication skills, the first step in laying the strong foundations needed to build confidence and mutual trust.

Horse Agility

Our Horse Agility clinics are designed to provide you with a fun way of learning what the basics of Horse Agility is all about.

The first 2 hours of each clinic is spent introducing you and your horse to the different obstacles.

All our Horse Agility obstacles are designed to ask questions of your horse. It is our aim to help and empower you to find the answers needed to help your horse negotiate them calmly and confidently.

The obstacles themselves are designed to mimic situations that you and your horse might experience on a daily basis.

We will not ask your horse to do anything that we consider dangerous or demeaning to him.

Each clinic ends with a fun mini competition where you will receive a feedback score sheet and a rosette.

Hacking Hazards

Communication, Communication, Communication !

Attending one of our Hacking Hazards clinics is a great way of helping to increase the trust that a partnership needs to succeed and survive intact in the big wide world.

The Hacking Hazards obstacles mimic situations that you and your may horse encounter when out hacking together, for example you can expect to find a roadworks obstacle, a bridleway gate, drains and unusual surfaces for you to negotiate, there could even be a zebra crossing.

We use the principles of Horse Agility to help give you the skills to necessary to increase and develop the bond you have with your horse for you both to be confident together when out on the road or in the countryside.

These clinics are primarily dismounted and in-hand groundwork.

View and download  Course 1. and judging and scoring requirements 

Shetland Pony

Shetland ponies rule !

Not everybody may agree but when it comes to Horse Agility they certainly do.

It may be due to their small stature and there courageous nature + their willingness to please that when it comes to the horse agility obstacles, a Shetland pony just seems to say bring it on.

Over, under, through they just go for it, show a Shetland a podium and he's up there on it. However because of this seemingly willingness and natural exuberance, they possess, it can sometimes be forgotten that they are still equines, with equine needs, albeit smaller ones may be !

The focus therefore of all our Shetland Pony Agility clinics is primarily about developing your horsemanship skills, through communication, connection and understanding.

These clinics are open to all small ponies 43" and under.

Bit 2 Bitless

Horse Agility uk supports bitless riding.

Our Bit 2 Bitless clinics are designed to give more information and support to those who have chosen or are thinking about transitioning to bitless riding.

You will receive help and guidance about the type of groundwork exercises that will help you transition to riding confidently without a bit.

Using Horse Agility obstacles and skills we can help you replace your old cues and give you and your horse a new understanding and help you develop and expand your knowledge and skill set.

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Awarding The Partnership - Not The Performance