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Horse Agility uk is an equine sport that requires the horse and handler to navigate their way around a course of agility obstacles, using skill and technical accuracy. When faced with the challenges that the obstacles can present, the horse should  display confidence and trust whilst remaining calm and relaxed. The handler must work hard to keep the 'connection' between them constant, something that only a true partnership can achieve

Horse Agility uk is the big brother to Shetland Pony Agility. They both run under the same rules and stipulations and both share the same principles and welfare standards.

Our aims and principles

The quality of the relationship between the horse and the handler is the primary focus of Horse Agility uk. Competitions can be won or lost on the strength of the relationship. It takes time and dedication to build the solid foundations that a partnership based on mutual trust and understanding requires to keep it strong.

It is our aim to support and encourage you to place the horse/human relationship as your number one priority. At the core of all good relationships is TRUST, it is a fundamental requirement for a relationship to succeed, without it fear and anxiety can overwhelm. When a relationship doesn't have trust it will always have problems !

Moving forward

Horse Agility uk courses have graded levels of difficulty. Everybody starts at the novice entry-level and then progress is made through to intermediate and advanced levels.

The increased levels of difficulties are applied to the relationship requirements and not to that of the performance requirements for the horse. This means that Horse Agility uk will never ask the horse to perform a task that may be considered to be dangerous and result in injury. Our obstacles have a direct correlation to situations that we all encounter every day. Horse Agility uk is not a purveyor of any particular training method. Whips and sticks are not allowed. The only equipment needed, is a well-fitting headcollar and a long rope.



Horse Agility uk promotes only lead-line partnerships.

For competition and judging purposes, it is your ability to work together as a partnership that is under scrutiny.

Our definition of partnership is a relationship where both parties play an equal part. 

For this reason we do not support ridden or at liberty agility, both these require a different relationship dynamic, one that we do not consider to be part of our values of horse/handler equality.


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Awarding The Partnership - Not The Performance