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1st - 2nd May

Summer Horse Agility Fun Show

Sunday June 20th 2021 - Cherwell Competition Centre, Oxford, OX3 0QG.
Open to all - Horse Agility Challenge Qualifiers, Fun Classes, Pairs, Shetland Pony Agility
In hand show classes
Overnight parking and stables available.

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From our humble beginnings as 
The Horse Ability Club - we changed our name when it became just to confusing - we've made it to 10 wonderful years ! In that time we've seen the birth of our little brother, Shetland Pony Agility, which thanks to it's many dedicated followers just keeps going from strength to strength.

10 Years !

The brilliant news is that Horse Agility as a sport has grown and grown. We're now looking forward to the next 10 years. In collaboration with The Horse Agility Challenge Association we hope (current circumstances allowing) to bring you a Summer filled with lots of opportunities to compete and have fun. More On Line competitions and a Summer Horse Agility super show with classes for all levels and abilities, It will be an extravaganza of everything Horse Agility and open to all !
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Some of the articles in the members area include -

Perfect Practice

Hints and Tips to help you
improve your agility practice.

The Judges Perspective

 Get ahead and find out what
the judge is looking for.

 Podium Perfection

All you need to know about
obstacle number 10.

What's new ?

We've added a new category !
For anyone that needs a little bit of extra help.
Assisted Agility is open to all.
We have added 3 subcategories to cater for all age groups.
There is also special dispensation awarded to equine therapy groups, assisted learning centres and charities.
Course requirements and diagram.
The course and requirements have been simplified to help make it easier to for you to get started.
Are you new to Horse Agility ?
You can enter our fun classes for Free !

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Join The Team League

Find out more about forming a team and how to join the 
Horse Agility UK is joining the Celebrations !
1st - 2nd May
International Non Ridden Equine Association
A weekend dedicated to celebrating everything non ridden.
The International Non Ridden Equine Association has a host of information available to anyone seeking to enhance the life of their non ridden 
equine companion, please visit their wonderful website or find them on Facebook to learn more.

Get together with us for our Horse Agility   "SHARE and CARE"

Awarding The Partnership - Not The Performance

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