Your Score Sheet.

Find out what the abbreviations on your score sheet mean..

Abbreviations in Blue are for marks deducted.

Abbreviations in Red are positive comments, no marks deducted.

Att - Attention.  The equine was not focused on the task required . Ask gently for their attention.
C.C. - Confident and Calm (positive observation- marks not deducted)
C. E. - Course Error. An obstacle was missed out or the obstacles were in the wrong order and not as stated.
H. - Hesitation. The Equine was hesitant approaching the obstacle.
H. E. - Handler Error. An error made by the handler, not to the requirements stated.
J. V. - Judges Visibility. The obstacle and handler were not in full view.
L.P. - Leading position was lost.
O.C.M - Obstacle contact made.
O.N.A. - Obstacle not attempted.
P.B. - Pull Back - The equine pulled back away from the handler.
R. Rushing - The equine was rushing through the obstacle.
R. C. - Rope Contact.  The rope was unduly short and being used to slow down the equine.
R.N.M. - Requirements not met.
S.O. - Step out.

Awarding The Partnership - Not The Performance

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