The Horse Agility Challenge Association

Please note - due to the current Corona virus restrictions our 2021 qualifiers are being hosted on line by Horse Agility Uk.

Competition Levels

Our entry level is the friendly New Comers Class, this is an easy to learn course, with basic partnership requirements.

Progression through the levels is via regional qualifying competitions.

The progressive levels are :-

New Comers





The qualifying course consists of 10 obstacles. 8 of these obstacles are compulsory, and must be included, the other 2 can be chosen by the event host from the list of HACA available obstacles.

The provision of just one course each year, means that everybody entering qualifying events is competing on an equal playing field.

The HACA takes it's responsibility to protect the horses welfare very seriously. The promotion of ethical and fair horsemanship is always foremost.

The courses

We have one basic agility course, which remains the same throughout the entire year. The course is changed annually.

This allows for the obstacles that we use, to be standardised, and qualification of the different levels, to be fair and equal.

It also means regional groups holding qualifying competitions need only to collect together and provide 10 obstacles.

Course requirements

The requirements for the obstacles are set for each year and remain the same throughout.

The different competitive levels have different  proficiency requirements, it is the skill and technical accuracy of the handler that increases through out the different levels. 

Each obstacle has been carefully chosen by us for it's horsemanship merits. This means a standard for horsemanship skills can be set and must be achieved in order to progress.

Judges and Judging

Good judges are the most essential part of our sport. Having just the one course a year and using standardised obstacles, means that judges can really hone their observation skills and provide a top class assessment during competitions.

Annual Super Show

The Horse Agility year begins in October and runs to the end of the following August.

September is when all the points collected over the year, will be equated and finalised at our Annual Super Show, which will be held at a centrally located, indoor venue. The Super Show will be a celebration of everything Horse Agility, with top judges and top prizes. Everything to compete for !

Along with our Super Show we will also be hosting a Summer Fun Show, held outdoors, it will be a day of horse agility fun and frolics, with lots of classes for everybody. 

Awarding The Partnership - Not The Performance

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