Setting up your Practice

Improve connection

You are standing with horse, trying to be mindful and stay in the present, but your mind keeps thinking, what should I be doing, what comes next ? Horse Agility can easily become an integrative part of the daily routine with your horse.

It's not all about building courses and practising, although that is the fun part, but about developing feel and timing, something that you can practice from the minute you greet your horse and put his headcollar on.

Be aware of your first acknowledgement of each other, remember he is fully aware of you.

This is where your practice begins.

Make it part of the time spent with your horse to really notice him and get to know his own individual language, all the little and subtle nuances that he using to try to communicate to you about how he is feeling.

As your self awareness improves so will your awareness of your horse, the two things always work together.

You will see things about your horse that you wont have noticed before, note how often they occur, give yourself time to reflect on them, with committed practice the easier it will be to tune into them and your horse.

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Awarding The Partnership - Not The Performance