Horse Agility
1st - 2nd May

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The International Non Ridden Equine Association

Weekend 1st - 2nd May

Horse Agility UK is proud of it's non ridden equine friendly status.
The non ridden equine association UK is a platform that celebrates the joys and many benefits of owning a Non ridden equine.
Their website is a terrific resource of information that will inspire and educate you and provide you with much food for thought, it is also FREE for you to access.
Non ridden shouldn't mean worthless, a non ridden equine should never be considered just a "field ornament" 
Enjoy them, love them and let them enrich your life in so many different ways, find the joy and the immense pleasure of having a non ridden equine in your life.

Join The Celebrations

Let's SHARE and CARE and have fun !
We have our fingers and everything else crossed that by May lockdown will be eased enough to allow small groups of people to get together, outdoors, if however by then, we are still in lockdown this event will go ahead purely on line.

Horse Agility SHARE and CARE weekend.

To mark the International Non Ridden Equine Association UK weekend, 1st - 2nd May 2021, we are asking you to get together and SHARE and CARE.
SHARE - Our aim for the weekend is to cover the map of the UK with non ridden Horse Agility "goings on" big, small or tiny. Get together with a few friends, SHARE some obstacles, build a small course and have fun.
CARE - Raise some money for our chosen non ridden charities and help provide them with some much needed vital funds.

Here's some ideas.

"Bring an Obstacle" Coffee morning.
"Bring an Obstacle" afternoon Tea.
Practice session and mini competition.
Childs BEST DRESSED OBSTACLE competition.
Fun In hand dressage with obstacles.
Horse and Hound Agility.
"Wild" Agility out in the countryside.
Horse Agility treasure hunt.

Who are we raising money for ?

Helping Hooves - Derbyshire.

Munchkins Shetland Rescue.

Our two non ridden charities

Find out more about the work they do

Help put Hearts on the map - register your event. (no obligations)

Let us know who you are,

Where you are,

What your fundraiser is all about,

Are you are open for others to join you? 

Find an EVENT near you.

Awarding The Partnership - Not The Performance

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