One course - 10 obstacles.

The Horse Agility Uk Sport 4 All course is the same for all the classes and categories. One course for all !

This makes it easy for you to get started and put together the obstacles required, adding too and improving them as you progress.

It also means that the obstacles can be standardised to make the judging fair, with everybody competing on a level playing field.

Obstacle number 6 is the Horsemanship Skills section.

This obstacle is designed to showcase your technical accuracy and handling skills.

Each month we design a new set of skills for you.

They are different for each category and class.

New partnership challenges every month ! 

Course requirements.

The 2021 course requirements remain the same throughout the year.

The different levels differ in proficiency requirements, as you progress the technical accuracy required of you at each obstacle, becomes greater.

The added difficulty requirements are for the handler to attain. We must at all times protect the Welfare, both mentally and physically, of the horse. Horse Agility uk will never ask the horse to do anything considered to be dangerous and that may result in injury, or demeaning of him. It should be remembered that Horse Agility is not trick training. Our judging criteria is such to protect the horse and Horse Agility as a sport, it must never be just a "performance" by the horse, we do not consider that to be ethical.

How you are scored.

Each obstacle has 10 marks allocated to it, with the exception of obstacle number 6, Horsemanship Skills, which has 50 marks allocated.

A breakdown of how you are marked at each obstacle can be found in "What the judge is looking for" section.

A further 10 marks are awarded for the partnership - here the judge is looking at the connection between the equine and handler and how well it has been maintained throughout the course.

The maximum number of marks that can be attained is 150.

Awarding The Partnership - Not The Performance

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